On Going To University and My Future

Here’s the deal: I’m super scared and I don’t know what I’m doing. I finally thought I knew what I wanted and now I just don’t know it anymore. Everything’s a mess. At first I wanted to go study English in the Netherlands. It would be a great experience to move to another country, even though it isn’t that far from Belgium, where I’m from. But it also just seemed the perfect thing for me to study. Unfortunately my dad didn’t support this and it just wasn’t financialy possible.

The easiest way for me would be to just stay in Antwerp and study there. So I started looking around in found to different options: Linguistics & Literature or Applied Linguistics. The first one focuses mainly on literature while the latter is more about translating and really going to the core of the languages you choose to study. That is also a big difference between the two. If I were to study Literature I would combine English with film studies and this way the new knowledge I’d be getting would be restricted to just one language. In Applied Linguistics, I’d be studying Dutch, my native language, I’d be studying English and I’d also be choosing to learn Chinese. This seemed very interesting but I was afraid that I might not like the way it was thought. So when I got the opportunity to go to the university and follow a few courses I was very excited. Turned out, I loved it. I followed an introduction course for Chinese, a few English courses and a Dutch one. For me, it seemed like a done deal. This is what I want to study!

Then I got a message from my English teacher in High School. She said she wanted to talk to me about Applied Linguistics. It’s what she had studied and she thought it wasn’t entirely for me. She’s afraid I’d have trouble with the lack of literature. This is the exact thing I was struggling with at first but after I followed the courses, I had kind of made amends with it. I could still read as many as I want at home, outside of school.

Now I don’t really know any more what to do. I really admire my teacher and I’m sure she knows what she’s talking about but I’m afraid that if I’m just blindly going to listen the her I might regret not studying what I really want. Also, I’m not sure my dad will support me studying Linguistics and Literature. But on the other hand, I’m just a little bit afradi it can also go the other way. They I might regret not going to study Literature.

What to do? What to do?
Any help is welcome!


On Going To University and My Future

On Feminism, Romcoms and Fifty Shades…


I’m sorry world; I went to see Fifty Shades of Grey. Why? You ask. I really can’t give a legitimate answer. I wanted a fun night of laughter with some of my girlfriends, I think. Well, it was horrible, it scarred me for life and it made me realize that our society most definitely still needs feminism. Lees verder “On Feminism, Romcoms and Fifty Shades…”

On Feminism, Romcoms and Fifty Shades…